Greetings from the Project Leader

Dramatic advances in information technology have led to the emergence of an ultra-smart society (Society 5.0) that is based on the concept of “digital” and highly integrated cyber and physical spaces. In the field of biotechnology, research and development using artificial intelligence (AI) is also advancing, and the digital bioeconomy, which would create new industries through the fusion of AI and biotechnology, is gaining momentum worldwide. Against this backdrop, Japan must resolve the world’s most pressing problems of declining population and an aging society as a strategic opportunity to create a digital bioeconomy through co-creation among industry, academia, and government so that people at all stages of life can live in a state of well-being (physical, mental, and social). We believe that the creation of this collaborative digital bioeconomy is important for building the human and social infrastructure necessary for sustainable growth. Based on the concept of “digital bio,” this project aims to create a “foundation for industry and technological innovation” in accordance with SDG Goal 9 “ Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”, and to deliver SDG Goal 3 “Good Health and Well-being.”

The Tsukuba area is the research and academy city that was originally built to promote science and technology, enhance higher education, and spread research assets away from Tokyo, which will be the planned center of this international hub. With a collection of agencies, the University of Tsukuba, national research institutes, and pharmaceutical and food companies, Tsukuba City has continued to develop as a “city that utilizes science and technology for the benefit of its citizens.” It has succeeded in establishing one of the world’s largest bioresource authorities and formed a center of excellence for international life science and artificial intelligence research, which has primed the soil for the creation of digital biotechnology. Based on the unique history and environment of Tsukuba, we have set our vision as “the realization of a society that supports the well-being of all generations of citizens through interdisciplinary research using bioresources and digital technology, with Tsukuba at the core.” We aim to create a society in which every citizen can lead a healthy and happy life that gives them the freedom to realize their personal and career dreams.

Sakurai Tetsuya
【Head of Digital】
University of Tsukuba , Institute of Systems
andInformation Engineering,Professor

Toshinori Moriga
【Head of Industry-University Collaboration】
University of Tsukuba,Institute of Medicine,
Specially Appointed Professor